Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Had you been a speck of dust that entered my eyes,
I would’ve shed tears for a moment and become fine.
Had you been a flower, most beautiful of all, 
I would’ve pasted your pictures on every wall,
that would sooner or later inevitably fall. 

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But you unprecedentedly rolled up first as a guest
who seemed to lack shelter for a lengthy rest.
I gave refuge solely to you under my whole heart,
but now you seem to have made away barehanded,
leaving back so much traces locked inside.
Not anyone else will enter it again and your traces will keep growing,
Until one day when my heart becomes full and takes no time blowing.
Without you, I will be fine once I cease to exist, no wonder,
I know your absence has made my heart grow fonder.

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by Noru Sherpa 

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