Poem “She looks Like one of the citizen. . . ” by Parbat Limbu

She looks

Like one of the citizen

Who can be seen

In black and white postcards

from Nepal, taken in

50s by Tony Hagen.

Pedestraning Gaushala or


from her fags I buy

But in quandary I am

to see frozen scalps at

the back of her hand

and the nose too bellowing


The terraces and folds of

shriveled marigold moves

to say ‘take son’ and

coughs and coughs and

coughs and curses her


Her tray enterprise gets

scattered every once in a

while for encroachment by

constables of metro

the peanuts and peas and

trinkets of sweets rolls and


To the directions more than

we have

Like the grown-up


Yet, she like virus of life

searches all of them.

And sometime, she even


Jealous to tired and docile


By lifting her lungi

to the system that treats it’s

subjects so heartlessly.

Poem composed by Parbat Limbu

Composed by Parbat Limbu: Poet, Writer

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