What is a Wart? and What are Its Treatments and Prevention Methods?

In the medical term, a wart means a small growth on the skin of hands and or legs. Wart is transmitted when more than a hundred species of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) attacks the cracked skin. HPV produces a lot of protein called Keratin and forms a hard and rough flesh extension. Normally, warts are seen during the childhood and adult stage, but they can attack other age groups as well.

When to Consult A Doctor If You Have Warts?

  • If the wart is painful
  • If the color of the wart changes
  • When the wart spreads around the surrounding skin areas
  • If wart starts bleeding and if pus is formed
  • If diabetes or your immunity decreases
  • If warts are either in the sensitive place or on the face.

Preventions of Warts

  • Do not pinch when wart itches
  • Cover the wart with a bandage
  • Always keep your hands and feet dry
  • Don’t walk naked-feet inside the bathroom and a closed room
  • Wash your hands properly after touching a person with warts.

Household Treatments of Warts

  • Wash your hands properly
  • Cut a piece of garlic into two and apply its juice on the wart
  • Soak your infected area in lemon-water
  • Rub the wart with a hard object
  • Apply tea tree oil on the wart

Medical Treatments of Warts

  • Use of medicine
  • Removal of warts by the use of duct tape
  • Cooling methods
  • Burning methods
  • general surgery

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